erectile dysfunction

Weight Loss

We all want to look good, feel better and be healthier. Many people have the desire to lose weight but not the plan. Some have the plan but not the discipline. Here at the MOPE clinic we use the proven Optavia program to help you both lose and keep the weight off. This program has helped thousands of people maintain a new, healthier body


erectile dysfunction

Did you know that ED can just happen spontaneously as a part of aging? This affects more men than you realize. 40% of 40 years old men have experienced ED and the problem increases by 10% with each decade of life.

Here are some benefits of weight loss:

  1. Improved mood and feeling of well being.
  2. Increased energy and motivation levels
  3. Decreased medical costs including doctor visit, testing and medications.
  4. Improved overall health
  5. Improved sleep quality

Questions to ask about a weight loss program:

  1. Is there a proven record of success?
  2. Can I use this program on a long term basis?
  3. Is there a support system in place for me?
  4. Is it convenient to be a part of?
  5. Am I getting a good return on my participation?

Take Action! You can do this.