Weight Loss: The Real Deal

These new weight loss drugs are the real deal. Whether you are taking Semaglutide (Ozempic, Wegovy), Liraglutide (Trulicity) or another one of those GLP-1 medications the results have been outstanding. People are losing weight and are getting noticed. Naturally, their clothes are fitting better and they find themselves digging in their closet for that old favorite pair of jeans that hasn’t fit in a long time. I say strong work.

Real Results

The guy pictured here is a real person. Of course, I didn’t find his picture on some google search. This is just a guy with a family who got caught up in life and his weight got away from him. Like most of people nearing middle age, he is a fairly active guy but wasn’t really putting in the effort to maintain his weight. Naturally, he was busy taking care of his family. At one point, he decided some things needed to change including what he ate and his activity levels. So, he made some lifestyle changes, had a little help from Semaglutide and you see the results. This guy is killing it. I’m so proud of this guy

The First Step

As you probably know, the type of calories you put in your body matters, people. Of course, It’s easier to just take the medicine and wait for the weight to come off. However, that is not quite the way to optimal results. That is what you want, isn’t it?

How to make Semaglutide (or whatever you choose) more effective with your weight loss efforts

Specifically, you must make some changes. You still have to work, especially if you want above average results. Basically, the “average” weight loss when using Semaglutide is about 10 lbs. So, if you want above average results then you have to put in above average work. It really is that simple. Of course, working out for half an hour is not difficult. The desire to lose weight is common. The ability to be consistent in your efforts is the difficult part. We can all go run around the block for 1 day in a row or hit the gym for a few days in a row the first week or two. It is doing this on day 47 that separates the above average from the average.

Next Steps in your weight loss journey

So, where do you start? Take a look at things you know you need to change. Make a plan to change. Make an action plan. Take action. Be consistent. Forgive yourself when you fail. Get back up and start over.

You got this!

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