Normal VS Optimal- What is the difference

What is normal and what is optimal?

Why should you care less about normal and strive towards optimal? Of course, optimal is better. After all, who wants to be normal?

Here’s a simple analogy for you. You’re a racecar rolling down the road, running wide open and firing on all cylinders. Feeling great. Looking great. Well, as it goes, you look down at the gas gauge and see that you need to fill up. So, next exit you pull up to the only gas station for miles and see that they don’t have what you need- 93 octane. They only have 89 and 87. You can’t make it to the next station so you decide to fill up with a little less than optimal fuel to get you down the road.

You get back out there and start rolling down the road, running wide open and firing on all cylinders. You get down the road and are coming up on another car that just isn’t going anywhere so you decide to pass them. You swing out into the passing lane and give it a little gas…passing them with ease and continue driving down the road. The thing is that you noticed just a little less pep when you hit the gas. It is really an afterthought as you go on your way.

The next time you fill up the same thing happens. Except they are all out of 93 AND 89 octane. Can’t make it to the next station so you go ahead and put 87 octane in your tank. You think you notice a difference but kind of put it out of your mind until you try and pass the next car in the road. You definitely don’t feel the pep in the step when you hit the gas.

What happened? You put fuel in the tank. The car moved when you pressed the gas. The motor was running, the transmission engaged, the radio worked. Well, duh! The fuel was normal fuel. Well, you’re racecar self needs 93 octane. Not 87. The 87 octane was ok. It got the job done. But you’re a racecar. You need the 93 to run like you are supposed to run. You want to run optimally!

So, a simple story but very true. If you put too much normal fuel in your race care it becomes just any old car. When you put the proper fuel in it then it becomes a racecar again.

Who wants to drive a normal racecar? No one. Ridiculous. You want to run like a racecar should.

So, put the right fuel in your body. Optimize the fuel you run on.

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