What is a traumatic brain injury and why does it really matter?

Did y’all know that traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are for more common than once believed? Have you ever been in a car accident? Fell and hit your head? Played contact sports? You don’t have to lose consciousness to have sustained a TBI.  Do you feel as if you have become moodier, depressed, anxious or less motivated since that event?

These events can disrupt the pituitary gland production of cortisol, growth hormone, testosterone, estrogen and thyroid hormones. We need those for normal function.

I’ve recently aligned myself with Dr. Mark Gordon with the Millennium Health Centers out in California in treating those with TBIs. These types of injuries can affect anyone. Dr. Gordon first started treating veterans wounded in combat in the middle east. He has spent decades researching the long term effects of TBI.

As mentioned above, these symptoms are often insidious. Agitation, mood swings, depression, substance abuse, anxiety, new onset phobias can all point in the direction of a disruption in the balance of hormones produced in the brain. If you or someone you know is on multiple medications for any of these types of symptoms and don’t seem to be getting better than maybe it is not “just depression:”, “normal aging”, “just anxiety”…You get the picture. If you didn’t have these problems prior to a car accident, sports injury, fall, major surgery, etc…then there may be a way to fix the problem using a different method.. It is definitely worth investigating.

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