What’s all this weight loss talk about?

We’ve all seen those before and after pictures of people who have lost a significant amount of weight. The famous actor pictured below is one of many public figures that have gone through some sort of process and coaching (I assume) to become a healthier person. 2 things immediately come to mind when I look at this picture.

#1. He is young – that fact in an of itself allows for some amazing results once the right pieces are in place. Some of those pieces are coaching, determination, commitment and discipline.

#2- He didn’t do it alone- No one who transforms their body (up or down) does it alone. No one lives on an island by themselves. We all have outside influences and influencers which feed (no pun intended) our HABITS.

Fortunately, for the rest of us that are not famous, don’t have hours a day to work out like a fiend and may not have access to a personal trainer/health coach/nutrition expert we are in luck. Weight loss can happen without those things.

You don’t have to be young.

You don’t need hours a day in the gym.

You really don’t need a personal trainer, health coach or nutrition expert.

You DO NEED a real desire to change yourself.

You DO NEED a tangible goal. Maybe not even a weight goal. It may be a physical goal…aka, I want to walk up flight of stairs without getting out of breath. I want to fit into that dress, those pants, that jacket. You get the picture.

You DO NEED a plan to help yourself become healthier.

You CAN be older and lose weight.

You CAN find the discipline to make the changes needed to become healthier.

You CAN change your eating habits.

There are people out there willing to help you. Yes, I am one of them.

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