Why I Founded MOPE Clinic

I’ve been on testosterone replacement therapy since I was a teenager. Now I’m in my late 40’s and I’ve been on just about every form of T that there is. Throughout the past year or so I have had multiple conversations with a mentor about TRT services after I discovered just how poorly managed I had been throughout my many years on T. It became readily apparent to me that I have been personally mismanaged by every single doctor who ever prescribed me T. Heck, I’m a nurse practitioner now and my current MD doesn’t really manage it all that well. Yes, I see someone else for my T because it is a controlled substance and I can’t write a prescription of it for myself.
I want to change all this mismanagement! Guys need T and they need it to be at levels high enough to maintain proper function of all their body parts. Yes, it does more than make your wife, girlfriend or significant other happy in the bedroom. I know this first hand.

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