Testosterone- More than Sex

Testosterone = Sex, right? So does that mean more of one equals more of the other? It is common knowledge that men need adequate testosterone levels to have satisfying sexual encounters. Women need testosterone for much the same reason. Yes, women need testosterone as well. Just not as much as we men.

What you may not know it that sexual function is only a small part of the positive effects of adequate testosterone levels. Let’s replace adequate with OPTIMAL. There is a reason why men with low testosterone levels grow man boobs, increase their body fat, lose their muscle mass, have no energy and lack motivation to go the extra mile.

Ask guys with Low T (also called Andropause) to compare how they felt before and after starting testosterone replacement therapy and are at an optimal dose. I bet they will have lots to say about all of the above. The number of positive effects go far beyond what happens in the bedroom

By the way, for all you guys wondering about the supposed increased risk of heart disease and prostate cancer you can relax. There is a growing body of evidence that supports the very opposite idea. Optimal testosterone levels have been shown to reduce the incidence of heart disease. This is not my opinion. There are numerous research articles stating this. As far as prostate cancer goes, the study that suggested testosterone caused prostate cancer written (1) back in the 1941 that the medical community hung their proverbial hat on was based on a single patient. That guy, Charles Huggins, MD, won a Nobel Prize. Kind of a big deal. But, he was wrong about the link between testosterone and prostate cancer. There is a mountain of evidence that suggests otherwise.

So, beyond sex, optimal testosterone levels help you in so many ways. Increases in mental clarity, muscle tone and strength, increase in lean body mass, fat loss, increased energy levels and motivation. Yeah, it helps with erection quality too.

I’m happy to send links to articles for any of the above statements. I also hope I have provided you with some increase in your understanding of the importance of optimal testosterone levels. (More on growth hormone, cortisol and thyroid function later)

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