Resolutions vs. Decisions and the swiftly approaching New Year

The New Year of 2022 is fast approaching. We’ve all been under this pandemic thing for nearly 2 years. Seems like just yesterday we were all just going about our daily lives and then BAM! here comes this crazy virus that has affected every single one of our lives in one form or another.

Since then you were forced to make decisions and change the way you went about your daily lives. How did you go about doing this? One thing you did was change your habits. Another thing you did was change the way you thought about some things.

So here we are…December 3rd, 2021. Less than 1 month away from 2022. Have you thought about your health? Have you thought about what you may want to change? Have you determined to start anew on January 1, 2022? Have you made a New Year’s Resolution to: lose weight, hit the gym more, give up something that you know is not all that good for you? My question is Why Wait until then? Start now. Start today. If you wait to start next month then you may as well quit now. Decisions that are made with real conviction do not have a future start date. Decisions start right now. They start today. And they certainly produce better results.

Want to lose weight? Put down the soda, throw away those chips, give that leftover pie to the neighbor. Go for a walk before you go to work. Hit the gym tonight even though it is Friday. Drink water instead of sweet tea…quit fooling yourself and start giving a crap about the stuff you fuel your body with.

Miss doing something you love? Go do it! Want to travel? Book the trip! Want to expand your circle? Get out there and meet people. Want to change jobs? Apply for the one you want. Stop wishing (making resolutions) and start doing!

Don’t like where you are in life? Then figure out what you want to do and then go for it? What do you have to lose? I was working as an inspector for the state government in 2001. Boring, dead end and I won’t tell you how low my salary was. I made a decision to change it. I worked 40 hours a week and took on a full time load to go back to school at night. 20 years later I’m own my own practice and feel like I’m doing something positive for myself and for those around me. It was hard. It was not convenient. It was totally worth it!

This post is not about testosterone replacement therapy or growth hormone or really about any of the services that are offered at the MOPE clinic. It is more about helping YOU make a DECISION to change something in your life that will make it better.

Now, your job is to make a decision, own it and get it done.

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